LinkHR: Rebranding, Website & Ecommerce

LinkHR: Rebranding, Website & Ecommerce

Adriana Scali of LinkHR was introduced to us a year ago looking to rebrand her business, but clearly, our stars weren’t aligned. What stood out to us was her genuineness and sincerity and her current brand did not represent those values.

Fast forward to Fall 2022, she remembered us and thanks to York University’s ELLA, we got the opportunity to finally work together. We not only strategized her brand and reinvented her visual identity but helped her expand her business offerings via an e-commerce website. We helped Adriana with the following:

  1. Brand Personality & Positioning: We held consultation sessions to help her understand her brand’s core values and positioning in the market.
  2. Visual Identity: We conceptualized a new identity to cohesively represent her personality and work style.
  3. New Website: We strategized, designed & developed her new website for a great user experience while ensuring her Google rating improves.
  4. E-commerce: We set up an online store for her to help expand her business offerings to coaching & training services.
  5. Client Portal: We designed and created an online portal with resources for her clients.
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