How do you brand India Canada Alumni Network?

How do you brand India Canada Alumni Network?

India Canada Alumni Network (ICAN) is the official network of alumni of Canadian post-secondary institutions residing in India. ICAN provides a networking platform to its members and promote activities to facilitate commercial, academic and cultural linkages between Canada and India.

We re-branded ICAN to give it a professional look and feel, to instil pride in the network and increase its membership base in India.

Moon Rabbit Strategy was awarded recognition by Mr. Nadir Patel, the Canadian High Commissioner to India at the launch of the new ICAN brand. *Woohoo!*

Our work included:

  • Brand Identity:¬†Development of the brand identity including a new logo, colour palette, and typography, business cards, letterhead etc.
  • Events Collateral:¬†Design of marketing collateral such as banners, standees, awards design, and social media event collateral.

Moon Rabbit logo in white

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