Hurra: Natural Peanut Butter

Hurra: Natural Peanut Butter

This project aimed to craft a captivating brand identity and visually appealing package designs for a line of all-natural subscription-based peanut butter. The goal was to create a brand that exudes the essence of health, natural goodness, and tasteful indulgence while standing out, in a highly competitive market. Through an extensive exploration of logo and package design concepts, the project aimed to present cohesive, eye-catching products for market testing.


  1. Logo Exploration: A series of creative brainstorming sessions led to the development of multiple logo concepts. These concepts ranged from elegant and minimalistic to playful and vibrant, with each design element carefully chosen to encapsulate the brand’s core values.

  2. Package Design Concepts: Taking cues from the selected logo, the project explored various package design concepts. The designs incorporated a harmonious blend of natural colors, striking typography, and enticing imagery, aimed at appealing to health-conscious consumers while communicating the product’s natural goodness.

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